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The MATCH/HUNTER HOLLOW BASE is latest addition to our bullet line.  The purpose of the Match/Hunter HB is to provide a projectile that will give accelerated obturation in the bullet to bore .45 Cal. rifles. In our testing obturation was achieved in a cold clean barrel without wad, and with only minor change of impact in relationship to the following shots. We will have  more definitive results as reports come in from the field---we look forward to and encouraging your reporting.

  • THE MATCH/HUNTER HB is available in 275,300 @327 gr
  • Designed for high velocity high performance rifles
  • Jacket designed for expansion, penetration and pass through
  • Hollow Base designed to give accelerated obturation
  • High B. C. making for a flat shooting projectile
  • Great in the wind
  • If ranges are long, a high shoulder shot is recommended

If you choose to try this projectile your feed back would be appreciated

Thank you,

Bob Parker                                            

    Written by Bob Parker — March 23, 2016