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The difference in the 270 E-Max (left) and the 275 Match/Hunter (right) is HUGE----but only in one area and that is JACKET THICKNESS.

The E-Max has a .015 jacket thickness and the Match/Hunter is .028.

The E-Max ( maximum expansion projectile) is just that , it is designed to give DRAMATIC expansion from your bullet to bore .45 Cal. rifles. The 275 gr Match/Hunter on the other hand is tougher and will not give the same QUICK expansion found in the E-Max---otherwise the two projectiles are almost the same.

One other characteristic of the E-Max--it is easy to obturate which makes it a very accurate bullet and it seems to shoot well in most custom barrels.  As a rule the E-Max IS NOT A SABOT BULLET--it really shines in the .45 Cal bullet to bore custom weapons.

Bob Parker

Written by Bob Parker — August 11, 2015