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The MATCH/HUNTER HOLLOW BASE is latest addition to our bullet line.  The purpose of the Match/Hunter HB is to provide a projectile that will give accelerated obturation in the bullet to bore .45 Cal. rifles. In our testing obturation was achieved in a cold clean barrel without wad, and with only minor change of impact in relationship to the following shots. We will have  more definitive results as reports come in from the field---we look forward to and encouraging your reporting.

  • THE MATCH/HUNTER HB is available in 275,300 @327 gr
  • Designed for high velocity high performance rifles
  • Jacket designed for expansion, penetration and pass through
  • Hollow Base designed to give accelerated obturation
  • High B. C. making for a flat shooting projectile
  • Great in the wind
  • If ranges are long, a high shoulder shot is recommended

If you choose to try this projectile your feed back would be appreciated

Thank you,

Bob Parker                                            

    Written by Bob Parker — March 23, 2016


        From time to time I am ask the question" What is the difference in the Traditional Hunter and the HydraCon??" The question is a good one and easily to understand why a person would ask.  

        The Traditional Hunter is a hollow point bullet and as a rule that makes it the logical choice if you want expansion; HOWEVER in relation to the HydraCon this is not true.  The Traditional Hunter is a fine hunting bullet in it's own right, but IT WILL NOT EXPAND LIKE THE HydraCon.

         The word HydraCon is short for Hydraulic Conical, and that is exactly what the HydraCon is.  The cut-a-way at the right shows the construction of the bullet and it's internal make up.  When the HydraCon impacts and begins to push against the steel ball in the bullet, it tries to compress the food grade lubricant in the bullet, which it cannot do so the projectile expands producing outstanding terminal effect.

          When you look at the two bullets side by side, the HydraCon looks like a round nose solid--NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.  If you are looking for an all lead bullet that will expand the HydraCon is a proven performer.  

          The picture shown is for the Sharps, the projectiles come in most calibers, standard muzzle loading and sharps.

          Bob Parker

    Written by Bob Parker — August 18, 2015


    My 10 year old son Danny had a youth pronghorn hunt this past weekend. He was able to get this great buck. The shot was 420 yards, he was shooting the Remington Ultimate. The load was 91 grains by weight of BH 209 and the 275 grain Parker Match/Hunter. The buck green scores 81",Danny has set the bar pretty high. Thanks for a great product.

    Rod Yaksich

    Written by Bob Parker — August 17, 2015


    The difference in the 270 E-Max (left) and the 275 Match/Hunter (right) is HUGE----but only in one area and that is JACKET THICKNESS.

    The E-Max has a .015 jacket thickness and the Match/Hunter is .028.

    The E-Max ( maximum expansion projectile) is just that , it is designed to give DRAMATIC expansion from your bullet to bore .45 Cal. rifles. The 275 gr Match/Hunter on the other hand is tougher and will not give the same QUICK expansion found in the E-Max---otherwise the two projectiles are almost the same.

    One other characteristic of the E-Max--it is easy to obturate which makes it a very accurate bullet and it seems to shoot well in most custom barrels.  As a rule the E-Max IS NOT A SABOT BULLET--it really shines in the .45 Cal bullet to bore custom weapons.

    Bob Parker

    Written by Bob Parker — August 11, 2015


    I am often ask the question---"what is the difference in the Match/Hunters and the Ballistic Extremes"? Aside from the obvious appearance of the two projectiles, these are basic differences. The M/H has a higher B.C.and a .028 jacket thickness and is designed to be used in the high velocity smokeless rifles and in those rifles capable of developing higher velocities using heavier loads of black powder substitutes.

    The Ballistic Extreme is designed to be used in standard muzzle loading weapons with standard velocity range.  The jacket thickness is.015 which allows for good expansion and effective terminal performance, even at longer ranges.

    These projectiles are used in both the high velocity rifles and in standard  muzzle loaders, however the things stated above are the basic difference in purpose and design.

                                                                                                                                         Bob Parker 

    Written by Bob Parker — August 06, 2015


        When the weather is hot and you are trying to keep your rifle barrel cool enough to maintain accuracy,one of the tools often overlooked----and seldom mentioned---- is the COOLING ROD. This is an extremely simple tool and materials are readily available to build it.

         Go to your local hardware store and purchase a plain 1/2" aluminum rod, be sure it is free of anything that would cause damage the inside of your barrel, put a handle on it if you choose and you are pretty well set.

         There are very few rules when using the rod,just slide it in the barrel between shots and it will "wick" away the heat from the inside. It is very important that the rod itself must be kept as cool as possible, use a fan, run cold water over it---never ever leave it IN THE SUN!!!! 

          This is by no means a "cure all".  You still need to shoot early and late and keep your rifle as cool as possible, but it is "one more thing " you can do to help cool your rifle on those hot days.  Best of luck in battling the heat.

                Bob Parker





    Written by Bob Parker — August 02, 2015


    It is that time of year again---it is late summer, temperature is HOT and you want to get your rifle ready for fall.  It is off to the range,you get off a couple good shots and then the next one and those following just go everywhere!!!!!

    It is amazing what heat and a hot barrel will do to a sabot. The pic to the right were taken to show the protection a felt wad gives to the sabot base, but I would like to call your attention to the top right pedal on the right sabot.  Note the marks left by the rifling are clean, crisp and distinct.  That is how that should look, but when heat comes into play the sabot cannot "hold its grip" on the rifling and therefore slippage occurs and accuracy is gone.

         The only way to avoid this is to keep the barrel cool----easy in the winter, but right now my thermometer read 101, down from 103!!!  You cannot expect a sabot rifle to perform well in that temp.  So shoot early and late, wait as long as is practical between shots, use the A.C. in your truck, keep the rifle in the shade--whatever it takes to keep the rifle cool.------REMEMBER HOT SABOT GUNS WILL NOT SHOOT WELL!!!

    Best of everything with this upcoming season.       Bob Parker 

    Written by Bob Parker — August 01, 2015


    A special thank you to Russ Hunter for the great pics and testimonial----I wish you and your family good success in this up coming season,thanks again.  Bob

     Hello Bob.  I 'm a little behind on this....but I would like to thank you for what you do. I'm sending you a picture of the Arizona elk my daughter (Briana Hunter) harvested last September and the 300 gr Ballistic Extreme we recovered. My wife has a similar elk hunt this year so hopefully I will be sending you more pictures.  Thanks again for your help.                                                                             Russ Hunter

    Written by Bob Parker — July 31, 2015

    THE 270 E-MAX

    The 270 E-max is our latest addition to the Match/Hunter bullet line. It has been on the market for almost a year, and has attracted the attention of both the target shooter and the hunter alike.  The E-max is basically a bullet designed to be shot in the bullet to bore .45 cal rifle, as a rule it has not been sabot friendly, however there are exceptions being reported by some custom builders and shooters alike.

    The E-max is by design a Maximum Expansion bullet.  Its purpose is to give a Match/Hunter ballistic ability and a Ballistic Extreme expansion.  This was accomplished by making the E-max with the same.015 jacket thickness that is on all Ballistic Extremes. The 270 E-max has proven to be very accurate and it will open on game at all practical hunting range.

    The E-max has a B.C. of .372 ( B.C. @ 2850 fps ), with the velocity capability of the Custom Smokeless Rifles and the .015 jacket you can expect a flat shooting, rapid expanding, terminally effective results.  Questions feel free to call 208-596-8430  Bob Parker

    Written by Bob Parker — July 28, 2015

    Thank You for Visiting!

    Thank you for visiting our new web page and information center. Our purpose at Parker Productions is to continue to provide a quality product. Our goal is the continual improvement of product, services and to provide information relating to the ever changing world of muzzleloading.

    In the coming year we will have new products that we hope will be as exciting to you as they are to us.  They will be announced on our web page after our personal testing. 

    Again thank you for considering and using our products, if you have questions my cell # is 208-596-8430, give me a call.  I will be happy to discuss the issue at hand and give answer to the best of my ability.  If I do not know the answer I will research the question with you.

    Thanks again, if we can be of assistance, give us a call: God Bless, Bob Parker

    Written by Bob Parker — July 31, 2013